Mouse monoclonal Anti c-Myc 9E10

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Clone   9E10   Isotype   1gG1

Immunizing antigen: Synthetic peptide corresponding to the carboxy terminal of human

Source: Tissue culture supernatant.

Purification method: Proteïn A affinity chromatography


· Epitope tagging on sequence EQKLISEEDL

· Western blotting (1/5000) of myc-tagged recombinant proteins and recombinant myc. Use under non reducing conditions. Detects a band of approximately 62 kDa (predicted molecular weight: 52.7 kDa).

· Immunohistochemical staining of formalin and fixed paraffin embedded tissue sections and also acetone fixed frozen sections.

· Known species cross reactivity Weakly cross-reactive with mouse but not with rat.

· Presentation: The monoclonal is presented at a concentration of 1 mg in 1 ml phosphate buffered saline containing 10mM sodium azide. We recommend that each laboratory determine an optimum working titre for use in its particular application.

· Storage: For use within 1 month of purchase store at + 4 °C, for long term storage alquot antibody into small volumes and store at - 20 °C.

Product name : Mouse monoclonal Anti c-Myc 9E10
Catalog number : 04-CMYC-9E10-500 µg
Quantity: 500 µg
Availability: Yes
Supplier name : Gentaur

Price : 414 EUR



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